Charity night was a great success

Charity night was a great success

On Thursday, in Tulia we hosted a charity event that connected the art of gemstone cutting, jewellery exhibition and fundraising for a local school.

It was thrilling to watch a Tanzanite being cut in Cobia Restaurant and learn about the precious stone. At the same time, our Guests were buying raffle tickets and had a chance to win a beautiful Tanzanite necklace, kindly donated by Mr. Anwar Elias, as well as other prizes.

All the money raised from the tickets will be used for a local school.

We are proud to announce that we have raised 930 USD + 150 EUR! All the raised funds will be used to buy chairs and tables for the Elementary School of Pongwe Village and to fund University studies for the teachers.

In Tulia we believe that education is key for the future. That is why we support the local school – from education about environment protection, to supporting the teachers and material donations (such as chairs tables, books…). The school in Pongwe has more than 200 students, from 3-year-old toddlers up to 14-year-old students. Some of the classrooms in the school already have chairs and tables, but other do not. The students are now sitting on the ground, which is not great if you need to learn how to write. This will now change, and everyone will have a table and a chair.

And we will not stop here. Follow us on Social Media to see our future projects.

On behalf of our team, we would like to thank our amazing Guests, Mr. Anwar Elias and everyone who participated in the event.

Asante Sana


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