Culture Tour - All day tour

Great way how to discover elements OF SWAHILI CULTURE

Culture Tour - All day tour

There are many elements of Swahili culture: music, dance, visual arts, traditional games and cuisine. A cultural tour is a great way for visitors to discover the local culture. On this tour, your guide will accompany you to a rural village where you will have the opportunity to see daily activities being undertaken – women weaving baskets, grinding millet, cooking local dishes using traditional methods. Watch as they decorate themselves with the traditional henna body painting and braid their hair. Behold the sight of young boys making ropes and scaling tall palm trees for fresh coconuts which are then peeled and cracked open for a refreshing drink under the midday sun.

Price per person:

  • 1 pax 125 USD
  • 2 pax 110 USD
  • 3 pax 85 USD
  • 4 pax 60 USD


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