One of the largest faunal reserves in the world on are 54,600 sq km. Discover the wilderness of Tanzania.


From our experience, no safari comes as close or gets as real as the one through Selous game reserve.  At 54,600 sq km, it is one of the largest faunal reserves in the world, with large populations of the ‘Big Five’ along with a wide variety of other animals & birds. 8% of the reserve is designated as a photographic zone while the rest is managed through hunting concessions.

Being a game reserve and not a National Park, there are only a few dedicated paths meant for safari vehicles and this offers plenty of off road detours through the reserve. So you never really know what you might encounter on the next turn and whether it is following the vultures to a fresh kill or catching up with African wild dogs as they chase down an impala, you decide the direction to take. If you are up for it, a walk in the bush or a boat ride alongside hippos & crocodiles,  is sure to set your adrenaline racing  and you experience the true beauty of nature from up close.

Finally when it is time for a break, enjoy delicious meals from our five star kitchens, under the beautiful Selous sky. If you are lucky, you may even have a scampering visitor or a dekko from a passing elephant. Relax, they are your comrades on this journey.

After all, at Selous, You are not just an observer. You are a companion.

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CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MORE Low tide lagoon walk Twice a day with the tides, the water retreats for hundreds of meters in places to reveal a charming lagoon floor of sand, coral and seaweed. This is great for exploring the Indian Ocean on foot.

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