Tasty breakfast on the terrace

Tasty breakfast on the terrace

Kick off your day with our wide breakfast offer:

Yoghurt at your choice on a top with casher nuts, almonds, honey, raisins of fruit
Cereal at your choice - homemade granola, oat flakes, corn flakes, porridge
Eggs - scrambled, omelet, fried, boiled. Eggs can be served with mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon, sausages, cheese, spring onion, mascarpone etc. 
Tulia signature breakfast - 3eggs into a glass served with chive, butter and parmesan
Sweet option - freshly baked pastry, crepes served with confiture, honey, Nutella, yoghurt or maple syrup
Breakfast extras - freshly homemade bread, butter, peanut butter, confiture, honey, Nutella, cottage cheese, selection of cheese, salami and ham
Breakfast beverage - selection of freshly squeezed fruit juices, coffee, tea and for successful star of your day - Mimosa cocktail


CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MORE Low tide lagoon walk Twice a day with the tides, the water retreats for hundreds of meters in places to reveal a charming lagoon floor of sand, coral and seaweed. This is great for exploring the Indian Ocean on foot.

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